Should you be driving in high heels?

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Driving in high heels is always going to be a gig debate. In some countries it’s actually banned. And in others, there is a limit on the height. But is it something you should be doing even if it is perfectly legal?

If you ask any true high heel lover, they will say it is totally fine, because they are so used to high heels. For them the extra height under their foot, the angle of their foot in accordance to the pedals are no problem. They are used to it. And even if they are not, it is unlikely they will admit it.

Other women will say it is not that comfortable to drive in high heels, but it is not that difficult or dangerous. Truth be told, there is a matter of personal preference. For some ladies high heels really won’t be that difficult. After all, some of them can do things like this while wearing high heels:

Or this:

And this:

But police and insurance companies would rather if you don’t wear high heels while driving and instead slip on a pair of trainers and change back into your heels once you arrive. A lot of women do that already, actually and it is *part* of the reason why women can take so much time between getting in the car and setting off. Even at the gas station. After all you don’t want to NOT be seen in your sexy high heels, right?

MiWay insurance has a set of tips for women in order to help them choose the right type of shoe for them to be driving. The sole of the shoe is very important in determining what type of footwear to use. The sole should neither be too thick or too thin, nor too soft or too flexible – it should have enough grip on the pedal to avoid slipping. This means flats are no good, either.

If the soles are too thick, especially if they are platform heels or wedges, then it can be very difficult to feel the pedals properly. Too high platforms can also make it easier to lose your footing or slip to twist your ankle as you press the pedal. This can cause a really big problem for you if it happens while you suddenly need to stop. You also run the risk of pressing two pedals at the same time and can’t really gauge how much pressure to apply on the pedal.

And if all of this is not enough, you can even damage or scuff your precious high heels on the pedals. Say you can scuff one shoe on the pedal next to it.

Bottom line is, it is best to keep a pair of trainers or other comfortable shoes in your car under the front seat and slip into them while driving. You will add a couple of minutes to your overall trave time, OK maybe five or so minutes if you happen to wear lace-up boots, but you will be much more comfortable, and what’s most important, you will be much safer and able to react in an emergency.

This is especially valid for platforms and wedges. If you are rocking lower heels or even kitten heels and they are not slippery and have a good grip on the pedals, then you may give it a shot, but again, it is just a couple of extra minutes were are talking about. So there is no real reason to risk it in this case.

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