Should you be driving with high heels?

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Should you be driving with high heels?
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Even though it is outlawed in many places, many women are still driving with high heels. While sexy, this can be pretty risky and dangerous. Lets see why.

Driving with high heels is risky for various reasons. For one they just get in the way. You can’t place your feet on the pedals as you would normaly. This means you have less room to move. This might not be all that scary when driving really slowly, but with driving you never know what will happen next.

On another note, not being able to place your feet on the pedals properly will mean you would not be able to press the break with enough force if the need for that arises. Some modern cars use electronic pedals which means they decide what force to apply to the breaks. But most cars still rely on the pressure the driver applies to the pedal.

Going less technical there are other problems that can arise with driving with high heels, especially really high ones. Your feet can get really uncomfortable if you will spend a lot of time driving. Maybe you won’t plan on taking a long trip, but what if you get into a huge traffic jam?

Another risk. In quite a few states in the US and a growing number of countries around the world are prohibiting driving with high heels. Including the world fashion capital – France. So even if you are a great driver even with high heels, you still risk a hefty fine if caught. And those are money better spent on new high heels than on fines, right?

So what to do? Does this means you can’t wear your favorite killer heels when you will be driving? Happily no. You can always solve this problem by keeping a pair of sneakers or other comfortable shoes in the car which you can slip on when you get in. Granted, that might be a bit of a chore everytime you get into the car, especially if you are wearing long boots or heels with straps. But it is best to be safe than sorry, right?

If you don’t have a spare pair of shoes, don’t drive barefoot. It is equally risky if not riskier. Don’t use flip-flops either. Flats with thicker soles would be better and sneakers would be ideal. Allow extra five minutes to change in and out of the shoes. This way you will look great getting in and out of the car and safe while driving it.

If you do have to be driving with high heels, then drive slowly and more carefully than usual. This will prove to be more tiring but sometimes needs must.

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