Should you wear high heels when pregnant

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Quite a few women wear high heels when pregnant. Most of the celebrities do it too. But is it something to be recommended? Lets find out the answer.

Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, Michelle Monaghan, Kate Middleton, Fergie, Halle Berry, Jessica Simpson and most recently Blake Lively are just a small sample of celebrities that wore high heels when pregnant. Some did it in great style only for events, others simply kept their heels on all the time.

Blake Lively loves high heels so much she actually spent her entire pregnancy wearing them despite what doctors and people were saying. Blake had a very simple explanation. She said she loves high heels and feels comfortable in them. “I feel good when I hear high heels. I become more sexy, more attractive”, Blake said to People Magazine.

But is it safe and good for you? Pregnancy changes the center of gravity of the body, forces a different posture, changes the blood flow. The body also produces special hormones that make the ligaments and mucles softer and stretchier.

On the other hand high heels also change your posture and center of gravity. They are also putting more pressure on your feet and ankles. So if you wear high heels alot when pregnant you risk getting swollen feet and back pain.

Swelling actually is a common event in pregnancy. The added weight of the baby plus the more fluids in the body make it easier to swell.

Add high heels and you risk problems. ”In pregnancy this places extra pressure on your joints when they are already under strain, which can result in a host of foot, leg and back problems and could increase the likelihood of falls”, says Lorraine Jones, from The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists to Yahoo! Lifestyle Ireland.

That is what experts are saying. And there were pictures of Kim Kardashian’s swollen ankles as a result of her always wearing high heels during her pregnancy. On the other hand though, there were no such pictures of Blake Lively who did the same.

And as for the normal people. Wearing high heels from time to time for special events should not be a problem. Especially if the heels are well fitted or are boots that give extra support. But don’t wear them all the time to be on the safe side.

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