Should you wear socks with high heels?

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Should you wear socks with high heels?
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For years wearing socks with high heels was a big no-no in the fashion world. But, as it often happens in fashion, now the rules seem to have turned.

Over the past year or two, wearing socks with high heels has become a very popular thing to do. As long as you pair them correctly. As with many things in fashion, you can really make or break an outfit by choosing the right or wrong combination.

So the question is should you wear socks with high heels? The answer is “yes”. And you can do that for many occasions, too. As long as you know how to pair them properly.

Since the 60s and 70s are to be in style this fall, then you can opt for a mod look by pairing platform sandals with thick heels with almost knee high or calf high socks in retro prints.

If you want to wear a thicker sock with shoes for work, then make sure the color of the socks match the color of the high heels, they should be close hues. Men’s socks can work great to contrast a polished high heel, especially if you want a slouchy look, says Bustle.

For a casual day out, you can go for platforms with thick heels and cute socks. What are cute socks? A print with kittens for example or something like that. Of course you may want to be stylish and sexy, then opt for more plain socks.

Speaking of sexy, for a night out you can also wear socks with high heels. But opt for low cut fishnet socks that reach to about your ankle and pair them with black high heeled sandals with some mesh in them. This way it will create the look of a complex and intriguing shoe that is at the same time sexy.

If you prefer the funky looking high heels in unusual shapes and forms, then you should match them up with similar socks. For example a camouflage print or something crazy like that. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different looks between socks and high heels.

Try them on at home and see what works best with you and your own personal tastes and style. The best looks are always the ones that can mix and incorporate trends with a personal touch.

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