Simple high heel hacks to break in your shoes

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New high heels can be quite challenging to walk at first. A few simple hacks can break in your shoes with ease and make them more comfortable.

Despite all the bad press they get, high heels continue to be loved by countless of women all over the world. Sure, there are painful moments, but there are also many moment when heels simply make you feel like the queen of the world. Cosmopolitan has found a few simple high heel hacks that can help you get to that point much faster and easier.

Well, some of them are not actual hacks, but obvious tips. But we’ve noticed that we tend to forget some of the most simple things from time to time, so a reminding is a welcome thing. So let’s begin, shall we?

The first tip is obvious – shop right. Pick up high heels that are fitting you well, don’t scuff parts of your feet as you walk around the store and are sized well. Here is how to do that.

New shoes often can be slippery. You can genlty scuff the soles with sandpaper to add grip to them. Another, better option is to add a rubber layer on the sole. One option is to buy such pads and glue them on, or simply take the shoes to a cobbler to do that for you.

We know that after you buy your hot new high heels you want to show them off and wear them everywhere immediately. That’s not a good idea and it is a sure way to bring yourself pain. So take your time. Wear your new shoes for short periods of time at first.

You can also use a hairdryer to expand the shoes a bit. Put on a pair of thick socks and heat the shoes. The make a few steps around the house and reapeat. This would help make the shoes a bit looser. Another option is to put thick waterbags in the shoes and freeze them, but that’s not always a good idea and could damage the fabric.

When you go out, add some roll-on deodorant, baby powder or petroleum jelly to your feet to make them easier to walk. The moisture will be acting as a barrier from scuffing and blisters, but it won’t last long.

Also try the biggest secret in wering high heels. What it is? Check it out right here.

Don’t forget to take frequent breaks to make your feet recover and feel better. Also take good care of your feet after you get back home. Here’s how to do that.

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