Six great celebrities in leather and high heels from the past week

Over the past couple of years leather has gone so popular it is absolutely everywhere. Celebrities love to wear it with high heels and boots. And we love celebrities and leather, so it’s a perfect match for us!

There was a time where you would see only one woman in a leather skirt or leggings for a month. Now you can see several just for one quick stroll in a mall or downtown.

As we said, celebrities are at the forefront of this leather takeover. They love to wear leather all the time. So here are just six of the celebrities in leather and high heels that we liked from the past week. And there were quite a lot more!

One of them was Maria Yotta. She was spotted going shopping in Beverly Hills rocking a pair of skin tight leather leggings and matching Christian Louboutin platform booties. To balance the outfit, Maria also wore a sheer red blouse to look ever so stylish.

Jennifer Lopez reminded of her top fashion form as well. She had chosen a long-sleeved mini dress from a normal fabric. So where’s the leather you ask? It was her daring thigh high boots with buckles and straps all over them. Certainly an interesting way to pair them and look fashionable and not bondage.

Looking for something a little bit more restrained? Mischa Burton was seen going for a walk with her dog wearing a sensible and stylish outfit. It consisted of a white shirt, a black leather pencil skirt and black booties. They featured chunky heels to make walking easier. A great casual, yet stylish look.

Fashion designer Rachel Roy is also a fan of leather. She rocked skin tight leather pants paired with black stilettos for her appearance on Good Morning America. Rachel looked great and stylish pairing her leather with a tan blouse and a black blazer.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is also one of the bigger fans of leather out there. She often rocks leather pants or leggings paired with boots or booties. A similar outfit she rocked this week with a crisp white shirt and a blazer.

And finally, a bonus. Here are Kyra Santoro and Daniela Lopez Osorio. The two models were at Sports Illustrated and KIZZANG Bracket Challenge Party and looked great in fitted over-the-knee boots and short skirts and fitted crisp tops. Kyra rocked a fitted leather-suede skirt to give some extra punch to her outfit.

Stay tuned for more celebrities in leather and high heels!

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