Six tips how to dance in high heels

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Six tips how to dance in high heels
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If you are going to dance in high heels you should prepare for the occasion before you even put on your heels. We have a few tips for you to help you out.

There are many occasions when you will be dancing in high heels. It is not rare when this ends in pain. Linda Kuo has recently talked to Huffington Post and has shared a few tips on how to prepare and then how to dance in high heels.

For example, even before you put your heels on, you should spend some time stretching your legs. Give your feet, calves and thighs a bit of a stretch with some basic exercises. This will warm up the muscles and make them ready for the high heels.

Kuo even recommends to take a basic ballet class. It will teach you a lot on how to better balance yourself and it will help you develop more strenght into your ankles. You will also be able to more easily shift your body weight on the shoes.

When dacing in high heels the posture is one of the most important things. Roll your shoulders back, pull your core in and up. Keep lightly on your feet and keep your feet streightened. You can put your feet close to each other and keep one leg streightened and one bent in the knee a little.

Many women have difficulties when they dance in high heels because they don’t move properly. Learn to lead your steps and movements with your hips. This helps you keep your posture and your balance. And it also makes your movement fluid.

There is an unwritten rule that if you move your hands and wrists too much you will look foolish. This is true if you wave them around like a young bird that seems to be trying to learn how to fly. But if you know what you are doing, the effect will be superb. And it will help you with your balance. Kuo says that the best time to move your wrists on your body for example is when you transition from one pose to the next, because she says “dancing is just posing to music”.

Also remember to be relaxed. Dancing is about having fun and that should show from your moves. Have fun, “pose” to the music and rock out!

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