Six ways to rock the office look

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The coat can add to your look
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The office outfits generally stay the same over the years, but there are ways to spice them up a little bit and really rock the look. Here are a few tips.

Most ladies want to look their best when in the office, but feel restrained by the strict dress codes both written and unwritten. But where there are restrictions, there are also opportunities to spark your creativity. With just a few touches you can make even the seemingly most plain possible outfit into a real head-turner.

The key to the office outfit is style and to be elegant. Sophistication and style comes with the details. A classic pencil skirt, a crisp blouse, kitten to medium high heels and suit jacket is a good office outfit but also very common. Use a high rise skirt or pants to add that little bit of extra punch to your look and look and feel extra stylish.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors. Unless you work at an office with a very strict code where it is exactly written what you can and can’t wear, then you could spice things up with some color. It is important to remember to wear colors that complement you, but don’t really change you. For example a dark red or dark blue pencil skirt,  high heels or stylish oxfords, crisp top and a suit jacket can work wonders. Vibrant colors are also an option if the office allows it.

Remember, that the shorter the skirt, the more office inappropriate it becomes. At least this is the general consensus. Stick to knee-length skirts or slightly above the knee if you want to be stylish, but playful.

With that said, there is nothing wrong with long skirts. Here you can pretty much experiment with almost all styles. A straight long skirt with a slit, high heels or boots, even if the skirt is with a high-waist can make you look like a million bucks. Only pay attention that the slit of the skirt doesn’t reveal too much.

Dresses are also a good option as long as they are fitted, but not too tight, not too short and with a classic shape. This means that your clubbing dress is probably a no-go, but there are exceptions. Floral print dresses that show off your curves, but don’t show off too much skin are a good choice. Patterned dresses, too. Add accessories like a colorful scarf to a overall dark outfit.

Madhulika Chandak prefers wearing power outfits for her office meetings to put a professional yet power-packed impression on her dealers. She says to the India Times: “The structure of the blazer, cuts of your pants, cufflinks with a silver shine, crisp white shirt and stilettos all in one is an ultra-chic package. Power dressing is a pictorial representation of an ideal employee and every woman should sport this influential look in their offices.”

For the colder days you can also go for the ultimate power look: a long, fitted leather coat with knee high heeled boots. It is a look that can feel challenging to pull of, but it is not that difficult to get the hang of it. And when you do, experience tells us it is a real showstopper and door opener.

With that said the shoes you pick can make or break any outfit. It is important to find the right balance. While you can indeed experiment quite a lot with the clothes for the office, you should stick to more classic options for your footwear.

There’s nothing wrong with wearing a pair of knee high leather or suede boots that feature a few studs, jewels or other accessories here and there. The same goes for high heels and flats. But restrain from wearing you shiny patent boots for example or glittering high heels with sky high platforms. You will not send the message you love high heels, but a completely different one.

If you want to send the message you love shoes, then make sure they are always spotless and chosen properly for the occasion. Stick to no-more-than 4 inchers for the office, classic styles or spiced up with tiny accessories here and there. The platforms should be small to medium, straps are OK.  Above all, try to feel yourself in the outfit you choose and wear it because it makes you feel great, not because you have to.

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