Six ways to wear platform high heels

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Six ways to wear platform high heels
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Platform high heels can be a great way to make you look taller, sliimer and even more sexy. But they can also look weird if you don’t wear them properly.

High heels with platforms have turned from tacky footwear to a preferred choice for looking sexy. It all depends on the type and height of platform you choose. If you keep the platforms low to medium and not too obvious, they can look pretty good.

While everybody are talking about the 70s look coming back, actually the 90s look would be a better choice for platform high heels, says stylist Sakshi Mehra to the DNAIndia. Platforms are all about extra height, but if you don’t slimmer your whole look, they can actually make your feet look chunky. So when you wear platform high heels opt for fitted jeans, fitted midi skirts or a longer trench.

You can also opt for a fitted knee-length dress, too, but this can be perceived as way too sexy, so have that in mind. The good thing about the 90s look is that it allows rules to be broken, so you can experiment and do various combinations.

Metallic looks and colors are another option. Don’t go fully metallic of course, but for example have the platforms like that and offset them with a more toned down outfit.

Platforms are good for clubbing since they can give more support when dancing (if they are not outrageously high that is). For a night of clubbing you can opt for a pair of boots or booties, as they will hold your ankles better. A longer cocktail dress or fitted pair of pants will work great. If it is too hot for booties, opt for open-toe platforms.

For a more casual look you can pair platform high heels with culottes. They are very comfy, great for warm days and can give you that extra elongated look to make the platforms stand out even more.

Also don’t be afraid to experiment. Stylist Aastha Sharma says, “Platform heels are most comfy good looking and take you from day to night. Wear them with a pair of shorts. Boot cuts are really in and they go really well with platforms or block heels”.

For an extra provocative look you can opt for platforms when wearing short denim pants, but you should have longer legs to be able to pull off a slimmer look and avoid making your feet looking chunky. Leggings or yoga pants are also an option, but again, you will attract more than approving looks so be prepared for that or avoid this outfit combination if you don’t want such attention.

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