Sizers help you adjust the fit of loose high heels

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A pair of bad fitting high heels can be disasterous to your feet, even if it is a loose fit. A new product called Sizers can help you adjust the fit of your loose high heels.

Sizers are the creation of Lavina Bonar. She was inspired after she couldn’t find the proper fitting shoes and was forced to wear ones that are too small, the USA Today reports. This leads to blisters and pain. Wearing loose fitting high heels is also a bad idea because you can easily lose your balance and fall.

This is where Sizers come. They are small, soft toe cushions that allow you to adjust the fit of loose high heels (and other shoes, of course). Sizers are especially useful for those who have to size up to accommodate wide or slightly different-sized feet, says Bonar, who notes they’re also popular with bridesmaids. They’ve even landed on the red carpet: One of her customers is celebrity stylist Jessica Paster.

Sizers are British and cost about 4 British pounds a pair. They can also help avoid bad odor in the shoes. But while Sizers are definately a great accessorie, they are not an universal cure.

“Just because you’re wearing these doesn’t mean you can suddenly wear high heels three hours longer,” warns Jacqueline Sutera, a New York City-based doctor of podiatric medicine and surgery. And they’re definitely not a fix for conditions such as hammertoes, bone spurs or bunions — in fact, they could make those conditions worse, notes Sutera.

There are other similar products. Hue and Profoot, make toe cushions designed to keep shoes from rubbing against your feet. They also keep your soles clean, and they’re washable. Chu Shu New York makes an antimicrobial insert called Silver Linings, powered by silver-based particles. These are great if you have other baterical-related problems.

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