Skinny jeans and high heels are not going to kill you, experts say

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Here we go again, a new study claims skinny jeans, high heels and purses are very harmful. But other experts say that’s “complete scaremongering”.

The original poll came from the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) which wanted to find the five most dangerous clothes. First place went to skinny jeans. Second – high heels.

Oversized bags, even coats with large fluffy hoods and backless shoes (aka mules) also make the list. The BCA says these clothes put strain on different muscles and joints and in the long run, can cause physical pain and other problems, the BBC reported.

According to the poll, 73% out of 1062 people said they had suffered back pain. 33% didn’t know their clothing and shoes affect their posture and can restrict movement. “Our advice is to consider your back and neck health when making clothing choices – moderation of outfits that limit your movement is recommended. You should choose clothing to suit the activity you are doing and try investing in a backpack for days when you have a lot to carry around”, the report says.

No scientific evidence

But Dr Mary O’Keeffe, who is a back pain expert at the University of Limerick, says their research is “complete scaremongering and there is no scientific evidence to support any of it”. the BBC continues.

“Simply put, skinny jeans, parka jackets, necklaces and any other clothing items do not cause back pain. There is no scientific evidence of an association. This may seem counterintuitive, as women with back pain might report back pain when wearing or carrying certain items. However, to assume that the back pain was caused by these is definitely putting the horse before the cart.”

Steve Tolan, head of practice at the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, says “reading scare stories about skinny jeans is probably more harmful than actually wearing them. People should wear whatever is comfortable and they feel good in – skinny jeans and hoodies included”, Tolan says.He adds there’s no evidence of the opposite.

“What is probably more relevant is whether a woman thinks that they are wearing something that is damaging their back, says Dr O’Keeffe. “The beliefs about the jeans and bags may not only be incorrect, but detrimental if they cause worry about the spine being fragile and discourage women from moving normally and wearing what they want”, he adds.

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