Sofia Vergara sizzles in a dangerously short leather skirt and OTK boots on the set of Modern Family

One of the future episodes of Modern Family will be even more “don’t miss” than usual. The reason is that Sofia Vergara will rock quite the sizzling outfit.

Sofia is no stranger to the daring outfits and even more stunning high heels. She has always loved sky high heels, especially with platforms.

Usually though, Sofia prefers longer dresses. This rare exception though is quite impressive.

Sofia rocked a leopard-printed puffer jacket which was unzipped to reveal the rest of her outfit. Later she also fully removed the jacket, too.

Sofia’s main outfit featured a cropped suit jacket-like top with a very “generous” V-neck. It had an inverted V at the lower part, too, revealing most of Sofia’s daring skirt.

Vergara was rocking a dangerously short black leather skirt which was also quite tightly fitted. And that wasn’t enough daring for her.

So, she also added a pair of fishnet stockings to the mix. Then Sofia added the finishing touch – a pair of over-the-knee black boots. But this is also where her fashion sense kicked in.

Usually such a killer combination is quite popular when you want to be completely and fully daring. Sofia though used the boots as a way to add elegant balance to the outfit.

The boots were suede, not leather, and had medium height heels with no platform. They were looking very simple and elegant and added balance to the outfit.

Sofia kept her hair in an fountain-like ponytail keeping it pulled a bit but also loose around her shoulders. She rocked accenting makeup with eyeliner and red lipstick. Her look was complete with a black shoulder bag and lots of golden jewels. Definitely though a very impressive look for Vergara and a great balance between provocative and elegant. And it will be an interesting episode to check out for sure.

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