Some of the best celebrities in high heels at The 21st Annual Critics’ Choice Awards

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Some of the best celebrities in high heels at The 21st Annual Critics' Choice Awards

The 21st Annual Critics’ Choice Awards continued the trend of celebrities in long evening dresses. But still, we could see quite a few high heels this time.

Not all celebs were rocking long dresses and even those that did in a majority had chosen dresses with long slits making walking easier. It also made seeing their footwear that much easier. We weren’t disappointed.

The event featured a very long list of celebrities who went to Santa Monica to check the awards out in person. So let’s get right into it.

We begin with Emmy Rossum who rocked a medium length black dress with a slit that was covered with a sparkling strip. Finishing the outfit was a pair of double X-strapped high heels.

Emmy Rossum in high heels

America Ferrera looked great in in a stylish black dress and daring platform high heels.

America Ferrera in high heels

Liv Tyler was amongst the celebrities opting for long dresses. But she also had chosen a dress with a long slit revealing her entire left leg and impressive wide, but very thin high heels.

Liv Tyler in high heels

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was one of the best looking and most stylish celebs at the event. She was wearing a very long black dress, but with a generous slit showing off her legs and stylish silver high heels.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in high heels

Next up is Jennifer Aniston. She was wearing a long dress, with a slit and finishing her outfit with a pair of strappy high heels. Simple and stylish.

Jennifer Aniston in high heels

Marisa Tomei was showing some leg in a short dress with rose prints. Her feet were rocking a pair of stylish pumps.

Marisa Tomei in high heels

Sarah Hay was also amongst the celebrities who had chosen a long dress. She also had her dress with a very long slit, showing of her entire left leg… and high heels. The heels in question were golden, double ankle strapped and with peep toes.

Sarah Hay in high heels

And lastly, our bonus special mention. It goes to Kate Beckinsale. She looked amazing in a long sheer silver dress. It kept her high heels hidden, but her overall look was so gorgeous we simply had to mention her. Nicely done, Kate.

Kate Beckinsale in a long dress


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