Spring 2015 high heels trends

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While it may seem quite early, spring 2015 high heels trends are already starting to take shape. We’ve gathered some of the early trends as they start to make their ways through social media.

Actually this way you can help in setting the spring 2015 high heels trends. How you react to the first shoes that are out will set the tone for the rest. So voice your opinons while you have time to set the

Spring 2015 high heels trends

For this coming spring high heels will again be very high. The most popular type is shaping up to be the chunky heels. They will be very high and mostly straight. So while they could give a better traction to the step, walking in them might be a bit more tricky.

Classic thin heels will also be present of course. They will also be very high and will require som skill to walk. As with chunky heels, there will be toe platforms. But the spring 2015 high heels trends so far suggest that platforms will be rare and low, about an inch or two.

Another trend will be color. High heels will come in various bright colors, usually using more than one for a pair.

Jewels, straps and other extra design features will also be in style and big. You will be hard to find heels without a few straps or extra bling on them.

The use of more than one material per pair will also be trendy. High heels combing and focusing on different materials and textures will be abound.

These, at least for now, seem to be the spring 2015 high heels trends. Do you like them? Remember, now is the time to voice your opinions so they can be heard.

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