Spring cleaning and high heels

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Spring cleaning and high heelsSpring is here and it is time for the traditional spring cleaning. Don’t neglect your high heels closet as it also needs some love and attention from you.

Spring cleaning usually means that you have to spend lots of time sorting through stuff and making decisions on what to keep. But it doesn’t have to be so difficult. You can do a nice spring cleaning of your high heels with ease if you organize yourself.

First don’t set specific goals, like for example getting rid of at least five pairs. This will simply make it harder to choose. Instead simply take a look at your high heels collection. Which pairs you haven’t worn in ages? Maybe you don’t really need them. Sure, you will have at least a few pairs you don’t wear but have sentimental value. Keep them, but the ones you bought two years ago and wore twice need to go no matter how hot they are. Put them on eBay or something.

Then it is time to take inventory and see what you are left with. Examine the shoes. Look for scuffs, tears and other damages. Some can be tackled by you, like changing the tips. For others you will need a professional.

Naturally there will be shoes you will not be wearing during the spring and summer times. Boots too. Give them a very good cleaning before you store them. This will keep them in great condition and ready for the next time you will need them.

Before you return your high heels to the closet or cabinet, take your time to clean it too. A nice and maintained storage place is important for the long life of your heels, plus it will make it more pleasant for you when your pick up a pair to wear.

If you have some special shoes, keep them in their boxes and/or special bags they have come with. This will help you preserve them in great condition for longer.

Remember that spring cleaning should not always mean simply throwing out the stuff you don’t want or need. It also means to properly clean the stuff you do want and need.

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