Starlettos protect your high heels from rough surfaces

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Starlettos protect your high heels from rough surfaces

Walking with high heels on grass or getting the heel stuck between the gaps in the floor is a challenge for any lady. Starlettos are here to help you out.

Starlettos are heel protectors but with a twist. They are designed to look like florets and to add some extra surface and grip to your heel. They come in various colors but they can also be transparent if you don’t want them to attract too much attention or to change the silhouette of your sexy high heels.

You can basically use one set of Starlettos on all of your slim high heels. They are one size fits all for stilletos, spikes, pumps and so on. All you have to do is to slip them on the tip of each heel. You can’t use them on chunky heels but then again, you wouldn’t need to in the first place. If you want to be precise, the company says Starlettos are made to fit most narrow heels and are specifically designed for heels between 8mm to 14mm across.

A set of Starlettos tips costs 15.99 dollars no matter the color. Currently you can get them in Clear, Black, clear with glitter and red. They would work great for those garden parties and you won’t have to worry your heel will sink in the ground. They will also be ideal for taking a walk through and old city with stone pavements. The benefit of Starlettos is that they will both prevent from getting the heel caught somewhere and will keep it safe from getting scuffed. Another use is that with Starlettos you can protect wooden and vynil floors from heel identations and scuffs.

Starlettos protect your high heels from rough surfaces

The idea for Starlettos came after Australian shoe lover Ilde Naismith-Beeley started to plan her wedding, NewsOK reports. “I love shoes, particularly high strappy sandals and stiletto heels. My wedding was the ultimate occasion to really go to town, but with a ceremony and reception that encompassed a bush walk, rock climb, concrete floors and a lawn party, I had no idea how I was going to be able to wear the shoes of my dreams without serious damage to myself, let alone my heels”, she says.

“I searched around for something that could allow me to wear any shoes on grass and other uneven surfaces, while still looking glam, but there was nothing out there to help me. My friends said they faced similar problems – and not just at weddings – but at all sorts of outdoor events, especially at the races”, she adds.

So she decided to make something herself. It turned out it wasn’t so easy. It took two years of research and development to create Starlettos. But they are here now and you can get them onine on Amazon and via the Starlettos official site.

How long a set lasts varies. It depends on the type of surfaces they are used on. They are designed mainly to walk on soft ground without sinking, so wearing them on rougher surfaces will wear them down quicker. If you do wear them, a lot, you can buy sets with several Starlettos which will even get you a discount.

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