Street style from the 2015 Milan Fashion Week

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Street style from the 2015 Milan Fashion Week
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / momo

The Italian fashion is always on another level. The street style from the 2015 Milan Fashion Week for Fall and Winter proved this once again. Check it out.

Around the halls and venues for the fashion shows, there were tons of well dressed people. Both men and women tried their best to stand out from the crowd and/or to show off their best fashion sense. Sometimes they had managed to find the perfect outfit and other times, not so much. But this is the beauty of the street style and it was on point during the 2015 Milan Fashion Week.

This video from Sita Gabriel gives a great glimpse at some of the more interesting street style looks at the 2015 Milan Fashion Week. It also features some neat high heels.

This serves as a great proof that you should put as much thought not only what high heels to wear with a given outfit but whether or not they pair with it well. Some outfits can actually benefit a lot from being paired with high heels. Especially outfits that are loose fitting on the top. Getting yourself on a pair of high heels will give you a slimmer, more fitted look and will make your overall silhouette look more feminine and toned.

And the opposite, some outfits may look better with a more casual look and lower shoes. Maybe even ones with classic very low, nearly flat heels. High heels tend to make every outfit look a bit more official and give a natural sexy look. If you are aiming for a more casual look, opt for block heels, like cones.

If you are aiming for a more funky or retro look, then go for platforms with chunky straight or slightly curved heels, but in a bright color. Like yellow and orange. Pair them with a blue outfit and you will have a great retro look.

Another way to achieve a similar look is to opt for a flaring dress with Polka dots and chunky heels with ankle straps that also have similar polka dots.

For a stylish elegant look, go for kitten heels. You can also use a pair with ankle straps which will give a more feminine look.

If you have a pair of bold boots or shoes, like ones with lots of laces, straps and so on, then pair them with a relatively simple outfit. Like a skirt that reaches a bit above the knees, or a black dress. This will balance the busy look of the boots and it won’t look like overkill.

While are are at it, here is another video with some more great street style looks from the 2015 MIlan Fashion Week for Fall and Winter.

The good thing about street style is that it always not only allows but actually supports creativity. Don’t be afraid to explore. Sure, you may find that some of your outfits will be better received than others, but it is all part of the journey and it will actually help you find your best looks and what works for you.

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