Surprise! High heels can be healthy…up to a point

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Surprise! High heels can be healthy...up to a point
Image credit: Flickr (CC) Quinn Dombrowski

In a question of who to believe anymore, after all the hate and health warnings about high heels, now specialists say they can be healthy if you don’t overdo it.

A report in the International Journal of Clinical Practice details a research done by the Hanseo University in South korea. It looked young women who were looking to become flight attendants, reports.

They were told to start wearing high heels. Over four years, the researchers studied 10 women from each class, ranging from incoming freshmen to seniors. In a lab, they examined each woman’s balance and tested their ankle strength.

It turned out that the ankles of juniors and sophmore students were becoming stronger. They had greater strength in muscles around the ankles, moslty the ones in and outside of the actual joint.

On the other hand, seniors, who have been wearing high heels for the longest, showed weakening of the same muscles. They had a worse balance even compared to freshmen.

Keep in mind, that we are talking about women who have been wearing high heels almost every day for four straight years. What the research is telling us is that you should wear high heels in moderation.

The researchers advise what we have already said before. Vary the heel height and types of shoes. It is best if you wear heels only two or three days per week. Also keep the towering killer heels for special occasions. If you need to spend all day in heels, then opt for 3-inch heels at the most or even better – kitten heels.

This is the biggest mistake women usually make. They have a big day coming and naturally want to look at their finest. So usually they pick the most daring high heels they have only to regret it as their feet aren’t used to it and their whole bodies aren’t used to it.

You can still look like a million bucks in a lower heel, too. And because you feel comfortable, you will actually look even better than in a pair of killer high heels, that you can barely handle. Believe us, it is pretty visible for the others when you are not comfortable in your shoes.

So, to recap. Save the best killer high heels for special occasions. For everyday walks and work keep heels low and rotate them with other types of shoes. This way you can avoid much of the high heel and shoe related problems.

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