Surprise: Victoria Beckham is returning to high heels

They say true love can withstand anything. That’s seems to be the case with Victoria Beckham and her high heels to which she seems to be coming back to.

A few weeks back Victoria announced she’s “quitting” high heels as she “simply can’t do” them anymore. Even so, the singer-turned-designer continues to wear heels.

Not only that, she continues to wear properly high heels and to pose with them. Just a few hours ago she posted a picture on Instagram showing off her skills.

Victoria is… or was… one of the biggest fans of high heels ever. A few years ago she was their biggest defender, even saying she can’t concentrate without wearing heels. It seems that now she can as she’s started to wear flats and sneakers a lot more often than before.

Even so, she still continues to rock heels often, so it was a huge surprise when she said, she’s quitting the shoes. But she is continuing to wear them for special occasions, which for a celebrity like her, are quite often.

So, fret not, fans of Victoria Beckham and high heels! She still loves the shoes! And she still wears them like no one else!

It’s amazing what u can do in a jumpsuit! Excited in be in Singapore!!! #fighthefeizz x vb

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