Sylvester Stallone teaches his daughters how to walk in high heels

Sylvester Stallone is known as one of the most stylish celebrities in Hollywood. He wants his three daughters to carry this legacy so he teaches them daily. He even teaches them how to walk in high heels.

Sylvester spends an hour every day teaching his three daughters how to walk in high heels. This even includes working out while wearing high heels, too.

Stallone is adamant that when they are used to handle challenging situations in high heels, his daughters will find it easy to walk in them. He wants to avoid the event in which one of them will trip or fall in heels.

Stallone also wants his daughters to look classy and elegant. So, he spends quite a lot of time teaching them his style knowledge he has accumulated over the years.

Sly is also acting as their hairdresser. He also advises them on how to pick outfits to look great and complement each other. Sistine said to People magazine: “I think we’re all going to have the same colour scheme so we match in that department but each have a different style that complements our body shape and incorporates each of our individual personalities in each look.”


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