Lily Collins dazzles in sky platform high heels on the streets on NYC

Lily Collins certainly knows how to draw attention in any setting. Her latest fashion choice featuring towering platform heels was a great example of this. We’ve said before how platform high heels are starting to become a top trend among … Continued

Christian Louboutin shows how to dance in high heels in a first ad (video)

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Dancing in high heels can be quite challenging. Christian Louboutin shows off how to dance gracefully in high heels in a first ad which was posted recently. Christian Louboutin worked with Spanish dancer and choreographer Bianca Li for a short … Continued

Blake Lively goes shopping for high heels in a stunning dress and shoes

Blake Lively is one of the biggest celebrity fans of high heels out there. She has a special love for Christian Louboutin’s heels and has a big collection. But, as big as it is, it is not never enough. So … Continued

Pamela Anderson wows on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in super high heels

Pamela Anderson wowed on her recent appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. She rocked a pair of amazing Christian Louboutin high heels. Pamela has once again drawn attention to herself. She was named the last ever woman to … Continued

Christian Louboutin thinks he’s making “useless work”

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Christian Louboutin has become the world’s most famous shoe brand. But his owner actually thinks he is making “useless work”, but he is very proud of it. “It’s very important to design things that you don’t need. I think that … Continued

Five gorgeous pairs of high heels just for you

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Given the wide variety of high heels sometimes it can seem challenging to pick a pair to wear. Here are some gorgeous high heels you can’t go wrong with. The Express Tribune has made a pretty decent selection of fabulous … Continued