Christina Aguilera, Gal Gadot and Emmy Rossum impress with elegant and daring styles and heels

Christina Aguilera is making her way back in the spotlight and everyone are taking notice. Gal Gadot and Emmy Rossum meanwhile continue to impress with their styles and high heels. In fact, all three celebrities were quite busy this week. … Continued

Christina Aguilera resurfaces in high boots at the Stella McCartney Show along with quite a lot other celebs

The Stella McCartney Show in Hollywood gathered quite the impressive team of celebrities. Among them was Christina Aguilera who makes rare appearances these days. The list of guests was quite long and impressive. And most of them opted for a … Continued

Blast from the past – Christina Aguilera in high heels for her 2004 photoshoots

The early 2000s were the high point for Christina Aguilera. In 2004 she once again changed her look to brunette from her trademark blond hair. Christina was quite active during that time. She did several big photoshoots for top magazines. … Continued