Celebrities are overdoing leather and it’s going to crash badly

Celebrities are in a leather zone. They love all things leather lately and they are even overdoing it. This means the trend will crash quite badly. Now, we love leather, too. If you read us often, you would know that. … Continued

High heel celebrity of the week – Selena Gomez

After taking a break during the summer, Selena Gomez is now back in action. And she’s upping her fashion game quite a lot, especially during the NYFW. Selena is in New York during the New York Fashion Week. She also … Continued

Sara Sampaio impresses in a leather skirt and suede thigh boots in New York

Sara Sampaio wowed on the streets of New York in her daring idea of a casual outfit for out and about. She rocked a stunning outfit and thigh boots which made the news. They really did. Sara got featured on … Continued

Victoria Justice and Martha Hunt impress in very different styles during the NYFW

The New York Fashion Week provides for various outfits and fashion choices. Martha Hunt has been on a roll for this along with Victoria Justice. Both celebs are attending various events during the New York Fashion Week. And they have … Continued

Minnie Mouse high heels by Primark shape up as the latest shoe trend among fashionistas

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Tired of the usual high heels? You want something more cute and unique? Primark has you covered with these new Minnie Mouse high heels. Primark love to take various Disney things and turn them into all kinds of items for … Continued

High heel celebrities of the week – Pretty much everyone

Well, that we didn’t expect. After a very slow summer for high heels, now basically all celebs are out in full fashion force in the same week. And since we like quite a few of them, we decided to break … Continued

Blast from the past – Christina Aguilera in high heels for her 2004 photoshoots

The early 2000s were the high point for Christina Aguilera. In 2004 she once again changed her look to brunette from her trademark blond hair. Christina was quite active during that time. She did several big photoshoots for top magazines. … Continued

High heel celebrity of the week – Adriana Lima in leather and booties

It’s rare to see Adriana Lima in high heels out and about and not on a red carpet event. But when she does it, she makes sure you will remember it. Earlier this week she was in New York to … Continued

Alessandra Ambrosio and Josephine Skriver show two very different street styles in New York

New York is full with supermodels right now and they all show off their favorite street style. Josephine Skriver and Alessandra Ambrosio are among them, too. Both ladies were spotted out and about in New York on the same day. … Continued

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