7 things to do to make high heels good for you

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Experts and media love to put down high heels blaming them for everything wrong with the Universe. Heels can be good for you though, if you know what do to. Physiotherapist Jolene Sher shared to the DailyMail some tips you … Continued

High heels do not cause bunions

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Some say that high heels cause bunions. Specialists say that might not be the case. While high shoes can aggravate bunions in most cases they don’t cause them. At least this is what the specialists at Arthritis Care & Research are … Continued

How to relieve high heels pain

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As most women will say high heels and pain are often tied together. That’s too bad as heels look great, help confidence and are just cool. But if they cause pain then something must be done. We have a few tips for you to relieve … Continued