Is Paris Hilton going to start a new high heel fashion trend

Paris Hilton is a fashion icon for a good reason. She has been involved in the fashion world for quite a while now and has started many trends. Now it seems she may be trying to start a new high … Continued

The top fashion trends for Autumn and Winter 2019

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The Autumn is arriving fast. At least in the Northern Hemisphere. This means it’s time for a wardrobe change once again. So, what are the latest trends? Well, let’s check them out. We’ve taken a tour around popular media, fashion … Continued

Hilary Duff wows in a shiny leather dress and high heels on the set of Younger

Hilary Duff is back on the movie set. She films Younger and wowed with her stunning outfit featuring leather and high heels. Actually, the pictures come from a break on the set. So, this may or may not be Hilary’s … Continued

Female designers on empowering and inspiring women with their shoes

Fall 2016 will have a special focus on distinctive and empowering shoes for women, created by women. Some of the best female designers talk about this. Even if high heels continue to get shamed by the press (stop it, please), … Continued

The top high heel trends at the 2016 New York Fashion Week

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The 2016 Fall Winter New York Fashion Week has passed and the high heel trends are in. Let’s see what we will be wearing this coming seasons! Once again, the trends are vastly opposite, depending on each designer’s vision. One … Continued