Kendall Jenner reveals how she deals with high heel pain

Fashion model Kendall Jenner has worn countless of high heels and some are very painful. Kendall has revealed her secret in dealng with high heels pain in an interview with Elle. Often Kendall has to wear sky high killer heels. … Continued

Is this the ultimate secret to wearing high heels painlessly?

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Lots of women continue to experience pain when wearing high heels no matter what they do. But there might be yet another way to wear high heels painlessly. Many ladies try to fit their heels better, use various remedies and … Continued

How to relieve high heels pain

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As most women will say high heels and pain are often tied together. That’s too bad as heels look great, help confidence and are just cool. But if they cause pain then something must be done. We have a few tips for you to relieve … Continued