Margot Robbie uses a special spray to be able to rock high heels all night

High heels are in a period during which they get a lot of hate. Despite this many women still continue to wear them often. And Margot Robbie is one of them. She has a special secret to handle heels all … Continued

Three elegant celebrities in high heels and boots from the past week

It was a busy week for celebrities everywhere. Ant some of them rocked some quite elegant and stylish outfits for various events. We’ve picked three great ones including Margot Robbie, Pamela Anderson and Penelope Cruz. All three of them had … Continued

Margot Robbie wows in a long white dress and heels at the “I, Tonya” premiere in Paris

Margot Robbie impressed once again. This time she wowed in an elegant outfit at the premiere of “I, Tonya” in Paris. Robbie showed off an updated look and hairstyle, too. Margot has always had quite the unique style. She is … Continued

The elegant and attractive celebrities in high heels at the 23rd Critics’ Choice Awards

The 23rd Annual Critics’ Choice Awards gathered quite a lot of celebrities in Santa Monica. This time the outfits were quite colorful and mostly elegant. Of course, high heels were also a vital component of those attractive outfits. The Critics’ … Continued

Victoria Justice and Margot Robbie impress in heels at the 29Rooms opening night of Refinery 29

She’s back! It’s been a awhile since we’ve seen Victoria Justice here! But she makes a return along with Margot Robbie at the Refinery29 event in LA. Victoria Justice, Margot Robbie and a few other celebrities were at the special … Continued

Margot Robbie is timelessly elegant in a golden dress and high heels at the “I, Tonya” premiere

Margot Robbie continues to impress with her fashion choices. She looked incredible at the “I, Tonya” premiere in Hollywood thanks to a superb dress and high heels. Margot impressed in a very elegant style and yet another slight update to … Continued

Margot Robbie impresses with an updated look and stunning outfit and heels at the Gotham Independent Film Awards

Margot Robbie looked as great as ever at the 27th Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards in New York. She impressed in a stunning and elegant outfit and high heels. Margot is one of the celebrities who have quite an interesting … Continued