Rihanna wows in a stunning leather dress and high heels at her Fenty Beauty premiere

Rihanna’s style has always been quite impressive. Even she though can find a way to improve the already great. And she did just that for the premiere of her Fenty Beauty makeup line in Milan, Italy. The event was earlier … Continued

High heel celebrity of the week – Rihanna in stunning full leather and high heels

Rihanna is our newest and undisputed high heel celebrity of the week. She wowed us in a daring full leather outfit and high heels at Jay-Z’s concert in Inglewood. Usually we add some additional stuff to the text or recap the … Continued

Yay or Nay: Rihanna’s cellophane wrapped high heels

Rihanna has always had a provocative style. This includes provoking the fashion industry as well. She did just that with her latest shoe choice. Rihanna was out and about in New York when she attracted attention with her unusual footwear. … Continued

Rihanna wows NY in a denim outfit and stylish slouched boots

Rihanna is quite busy these days launching her new Fenty Galaxy launch. She continues to impress with new stylish and attractive outfits and high heels. A few days ago Rihanna was in New York to launch her collection there, too. … Continued

Rihanna impresses in a purple dress and strapped high heels in London

Rihanna showed off an elegant style in a purple dress and strapped high heels in London. She was there to launch her Fenty Beauty collection. Rihanna’s new makeup collection is quite impressive, no doubt. It follows her personal tastes and … Continued

Rihanna puts on a fashion show in boots in Stockholm

Rihanna made a small fashion show when she took to the streets of Stockholm. She rocked an interesting outfit featuring boots and an interesting dress. Rihanna is currently on her “Anti World” tour and she travels a lot. For the … Continued

Rihanna unveils her own high heel collection with Manolo Blahnik

Music superstar Rihanna has unveiled a surprise new high heels and boots collection in collaboration with top designer Manolo Blahnik. Here it is! Rihanna is a big fan of Manolo Blahnik. She has worn his high heels for about six … Continued

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