Victoria Beckham impresses with her street style in high heels in New York

Victoria Beckham is very selective with her appearances these days. Even so, she still makes them count. Especially with her latest street style in New York. Victoria still wears high heels despite saying she’s hanging them up a couple of … Continued

Blast from the past – Victoria Beckham in high heels at the 2007 MTV Movie Awards

Victoria Beckham has one of the biggest archives of stunning pictures in equally amazing high heels and outfits. Here’s some from the 2007 MTV Movie Awards. Victoria managed to always stay on top of the fashion trends and often to … Continued

Do you remember when Victoria Beckham said she won’t be wearing high heels anymore? Neither does she

A few months ago Victoria Beckham shocked the fashion world when she said she is hanging up her high heels. This doesn’t seem to be the case at all. You can imagine why this was big news back then. Victoria … Continued

Surprise: Victoria Beckham is returning to high heels

They say true love can withstand anything. That’s seems to be the case with Victoria Beckham and her high heels to which she seems to be coming back to. A few weeks back Victoria announced she’s “quitting” high heels as … Continued