What are some of the world’s most expensive shoes?

A lot of women have an extensive shoe collection, building up a wardrobe of party-perfect heels, winter-ready boots and everyday flats over the years. Yet some are not content with a budget buy from the high street — they’re prepared … Continued

Plan your next trip to check out one of these famous shoe museums around the world

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Lots of people love shoes. They are one of the most beloved fashion items ever. From comfy sneakers to daring high heels to specialized footwear. The history of high heels is quite interesting. And quite vast. But there’s a lot … Continued

Yay or Nay: Rihanna’s cellophane wrapped high heels

Rihanna has always had a provocative style. This includes provoking the fashion industry as well. She did just that with her latest shoe choice. Rihanna was out and about in New York when she attracted attention with her unusual footwear. … Continued

Minnie Mouse high heels by Primark shape up as the latest shoe trend among fashionistas

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Tired of the usual high heels? You want something more cute and unique? Primark has you covered with these new Minnie Mouse high heels. Primark love to take various Disney things and turn them into all kinds of items for … Continued

High heel celebrities of the week – Lady Gaga and Adriana Lima

The celebrities are kicking their game into high gear. This week we have two winners – Adriana Lima and Lady Gaga. Both in leather and high heels. Both ladies are rocking their signature styles. Adriana is as elegant as ever … Continued