Tanya Heath makes shoes with interchangable heels

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Tanya Heath makes shoes with interchangable heels
Image credit: Tanya Heath

Can’t decide which pair of high heels to wear today? Well, sadly you can’t take four pairs with you all the time. But you can take a few extra heels (just the pointy bit) and chage just them on your shoes.

Sounds far fetched? It’s possible. Shoe designer Tanya Heath has made shoes with interchangable heels. Her line is called Tanya Heath Paris, which is no surprise given that she is living in Paris.

The idea for the shoescame when she realized her busy lifestyle didn’t quite fit with her love of high heels. Carrying an extra pair of lower shoes didn’t seem right. Nor having to be stuck with only one high heel type for the entire day.

So Tanya got together with 14 engineers and spend two and a half years to create her shoes with interchangable heels, CTVNews reports. She says that the shoes are actually mechanical pieces and are much more precise than a normal heel.

Owners of her shoes can buy extra heels in various shapes and designs. Heels are released with the push of a button. Then the new one just snaps into place and that’s it. The shoes are ready to be worn.

The line has more than 90 different pairs of shoes, including boots, and more than 28 heel types and styles. They can be mixed and matched too. So if you’re especially creative you can have one black heel and one glitter. Or you can even put a thick heel on one shoe and a thin stiletto on the other one. Although we wouldn’t recommend that as it would put an uneven strain on your feet which isn’t good. But using the same type of heel in different colors is all good.

The shoes and heels are sold separately. The shoes are split into three basic forms to accommodate three different heights. Some of the shoes can actually be worn with differen heel heights. So the options for personalization are quite big. The heel heights vary from 6 cm to 8.5 cm.

Tanya’s shoes are already quite popular in many European cities. Now the brand is eyeing expansion into the USA and Canada.

The shoes cost anywhere between $600 and $1000. The heels cost anywhere from $50 to $200. It may seem a little steep but you can basically have unique shoes every day without really slipping out of your pair.

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