Tanya Heath’s interchangeable high heels are ready

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The interchangeable high heels by Tanya Heath are ready and picking up speed in the fashion world. Do we have a fashion revolution incoming? Quite possibly.

You probably remember Tanya Heath. She makes shoes which allow you to change their high heels with lots of different styles. You can even switch between heel heigths from 3.5 inches to 1.5 inches and vice versa.

Recently Tanya has spoken to the Huffington Post and says the idea came to her six years ago. She says she is a completely self-taught designer and simply follower her desires. All she needed was a little encouragement from other designers.

After a lot of work, her interchangeable high heels are already on sale on the web and in stores in Paris and Toronto. Currently another stores in Los Angeles and at the Lisbon airport are being prepared. By the end of the year there will be stores in Colombia and Taiwan.

Tanya Heath says her clients are the same type as the clients for Jimmy Choo’s high heels. She adds that lots of clients of Christian Louboutin are also taking interes in her interchangeable high heels.

Tanya adds that her fashion house is already preparing a handbag that will be “as revolutionary as the shoe”, but she keeps the details in secret. The handbag is expected to be unveiled in a few months time. Tanya also adds that as the brand evolves there will be other interesting creations. The main goals will be to make fashionable products that both look good and help women live their everyday lives easier.


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