Taylor Swift amazing looks during her LA concert

Taylor Swift amazing looks during her LA concertTaylor Swift just had a great concert in Los Angeles that was attended by many celebrities. Taylor was on the top of her game in the looks department, too.

The concert was part of Swit’s 1989 World Tour. If you wonder why it took so much time for her to reach LA, that’s due to the high demand all over the world. For example, Swift will have a total of five concerts in LA just to somewhat satisfy the demand for her in this one city.

Zendaya, Peyton List, Maria Menounos, Nina Dobrev, Lauren Conrad and Kiernan Shipka were just some of the celebrities that attended the first concert. All of them got to witness Taylor give her all to the audience with each song. She was putting huge effort not only for her songs and performance, but for her outfits and choices of high heels, too.

The main foot choice for Swift during the concert was Stuart Weitzman. Taylor wore several different pairs of high heels and thigh high boots. If every woman had legs like Taylor, we would sell more shoes,” says Weitzman. He said his favorite style on Swift is the Allegs thigh-high boot.

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She also opted for several other pairs of different heels:

And these too:

Taylor Swift in high heels

Some of her other styles include:

Tonight Joan Baez and Julia Roberts danced it out to ‘Style’. These two women are my heroes. What an honor.

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And a bonus from the making of her new video:

“It’s a little invention I made earlier…” Mother Chucker @Caradelevingne A video posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

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