Taylor Swift mesmerizes her boyfriend with high heels

If you are a fan of Taylor Swift you may have noticed she has started to wear a lot more really high heels. There’s a very good reason for that – her new boyfriend.

Up until now Taylor Swift rocked sky high killer heels only for events. In her spare time she was either wearing flats or more causual chunky high heels. But lately it seems Taylor is not coming off from the daring sexy high heels. This means we should update our gallery of top 20 pictures of Taylor Swift in high heels, as her look and taste has changed quite a lot.

HollywoodLife reports that Taylor’s new boyfriend DJ Calvin Harris has a real soft spot – high heels. Especially high heels that are on the feet of his new love. He’s shown all the tell tale signs of having a soft spot for Taylor’s legs in high heels and she has been more than happy to give him a treat.

So the new, more sexy and provocative look that Taylor is rocking lately is all for Calvin. According to HollywoodLife Taylor is also having much fun experimenting with her new look and giving her boyfriend an eyeful of goodness. And he sure does appreciates that, too.

Taylor has already revamped most of her wardrobe and has spent quite a lot of time choosing new outfits the site says. This includes not only daring high heels but appropriate lingerie, too. And if you just look at her, you will see that she is somewhat even better looking. So the old unwritten rule stands – women do get even more prettier when they have someone to appreciate them.

So, guys, if you are by some chance reading this, be sure to make your lady sure you really do appreciate her. The tiny details like looking at her lovingly, telling her something beautiful, will make her more than happy. Trust us, she will repay you tenfold.

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