The 10 most popular types of boots

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Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Susan Sermoneta
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Susan Sermoneta

We all love boots. There is something in them that simply makes almost everybody have at least a couple of pairs of boots. Which are the most popular types? Lets find out.

This is a list made by eBay. These are the most popular types of boots that women love and we assume that look for and buy the most.

At number one are the classic knee length boots. They are the most worn type of boots ever and will probably will continue to be. They are the black pumps of the boot world – almost universal. They make your legs seem longer and slimmer and are keeping them worm and looking great.

The second place goes to the wedge boots. They are prefered by ladies who walk a lot during the day as they give better support. Wedge boots look best with a casual look and outfit, but you can often see ladies in business suits and black suede knee high wedge boots.

Third place if for the mid-calf boots. They tend to be with lower and blocky heels and the boot shaft is usually slouched. The mid-calf boots are ideal for casual daily outfits.

Number four is a bit of a surpise. It is for the peep toe booties. Especially on thin and very high heels, the peep toe booties are getting popular for the warmer spring days. Ideal for parties.

Riding boots are taking the fifth place. Even though most women don’t actually ride horses, they often pick a pair of riding boots for their daily outfits. They provide for a good casual and casual-elegant look, plus are very comfortable.

The sixth place goes for the ankle booties. Over the years they have turned into a favorite choice. Today there are countless of optionsin the ankle booties department. You can find all types of heels, heel heights, materials, designs. This makes ankle booties a good choice for any type of outfit.

Number seven – the buckled boots. Boots with buckles, belts, straps and so on. At first they were seen as tacky. Today they are provocative and a bit daring. If you want to stand out, they might be your choice.

Next up are the pointed toe boots. They are perfect for a formal look and dressy outfits. They are often a part of over-the-knee boots. The thigh high boots are also slowly becoming more popular. They were seeing as… well “Pretty woman”, but these days women are becoming more and more opened to wearing thigh high boots.

Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Girls in Hunter Boots and more
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Girls in Hunter Boots and more

Ninth place is for the morotcycle boots. A popular choice for casual and trendy outfits, they keep you both comfortable and ready to rock.

Last but not least, we have the cowgirl boots. They are popular for casual outfits and different heights. Often they are picked for club outfits.

Which are the types of boots you like the most? Let us know.

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