The best celebrities in high heels at Kylie Jenner’s birthday celebration

By all accounts Kylie Jenner had an awesome celebration of her 18th birthday. What we are more interested in are her guest’s outfits and high heels.

And it is what we have focused on in this post. We already know what Kendal Jenner chose and you can see it right here.

But she was not the only guest at Kylie Jenner’s 18th birthday celebration that was looking stunning. Kylie herself had opted for a completely different, but stylish look including a blonde wig, nude ankle strapped high heels and a crystal-studded short and fitted dress. It is definitely one of Kylie’s all time great looks.

You may have noticed Hailey Baldwin yesterday with Kendall. Here she is again, looking stunning in a pair of gladiator boots and a great short dress.

Kourtney Kardashian had opted for a more causal and comfortable outfit with fitted pants but was still looking great. She was relying on a pair of trusty ankle strapped high heels, too.

Khloe Kardashian opted fro a pair of classic black high heel pumps by Christian Louboutin. She had chosen a fitted dress, showing off her legs.

Kim Kardashian my be quite pregnant, but she is still keeping her high heels on. They are not even lower or thicker. Kim feels comfortable enough to handle her heels with the extra weight of her baby. Despite what some people say, wearing high heels while pregnant is not that dangerous.

Noah Cyrus had chosen a very unusual look for her with quite a lot of make up. Her outfit was mostly set up for comfort and dancing, including her over-the-knee boots.

The party was at The Nice Guy in West Hollywood and we are pretty sure it was quite good. Some pictures from Instagram give a similar impression.

Lil babies

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MY GIRLS. party night. #18@12

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Images credit: Instagram, PicturePub

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