The best celebrities in high heels at the 2015 British Fashion Awards

The best celebrities in high heels at the 2015 British Fashion AwardsThe world of celebrities gathered in London for the 2015 British Fashion Awards. We’ve picked our favorite celebrities in high heels at the special event.

Since we are talking about fashion awards, celebrities were feeling braver than usual and while they tried to stick to their more official and stylish outfits, they also let loose a bit more their more unusual fashion tastes. This provided for some quite interesting outfits and high heels as you are about to see.

Some celebs even had a few issues with their complex outfits. Nothing major, but it did provide for a small problem here and there while handling the outfit. Mollie King had such issues thanks to her floor length dress with a full left leg split and added ribbons. Still, Mollie looked great with the added benefit of a pair of ankle strapped golden high heels.

Supermodel Karlie Kloss on the other hand didn’t have such issues. She had opted for a slightly shorter dress that was again body hugging and slightly transparent. Enough to make the imagination run wild. She had completed her outfit with a pair of black, suede classic pumps.

Kate Bosworth was also among the celebs who had opted for more high fashion outfits. Her complicated dress featured a semi transparent part and a furry part. The outfit was complete with a pair of strapped high heels.

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini had one of the most impressive footwear choices for the night. She had opted for a long, semi-transparent dress with a full leg length left slit. It was showing off her very impressive crotch high boots. They are quite difficult to describe. Simply take a look a the picture:

In fact, here’s a close up:

Kate Beckinsale was a little more restrained in her footwear choices. She had opted for a pair of ankle strapped high heels with thick straps and a loose fitting long black dress. Classic and stylish.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley followed the same stylish trend. She rocked a floor length beige dress with a back slit. It was revealing her matching stylish strappy high heels.

Another celebrity with an impressive shoe choice was Pixie Lott. She had chosen a pair of high heels that were resembling a gladiator’s helmet… well, maybe that’s just us? Her overall outfit was simple, but stylish and featured a long white dress with generous cut outs here and there.

British fashion icon Victoria Beckham was channeling a much more serious look than usual. She had opted for a fitted pair of suit pants and a more loose fitting men’s suit jacket. Victoria’s hair was pulled back and her high heels were more talking business than high fashion.

Jourdan Dunn was looking and obviously feeling very sexy and confident. It may have to do with her two-piece long dress with a generous slit that was showing off her toned legs and strapped high heels.

Last but not least we have Lady Gaga. She showed off her typical brave style combined with stylish features. She had on a sparkling metallic honeycomb-patterned dress with a left slit. She also rocked a pair of matching red patent high heels with platforms and peep toes.

Those are the best looking celebrities in high heels at the 2015 British Fashion Awards that we liked the most. Who did you like the most?

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