The best celebrities in high heels at the 22nd Critics’ Choice Awards

The 22nd Annual Critics’ Choice Awards were just held in Santa Monica, California. A lot of celebrities in stunning dresses and heels came to the ceremony.

Some celebrities were quite elegant and classy. Others wanted to provoke and make a statement.

Can you guess what did Bella Throne wanted to do? That’s right. She provoked. A lot.

Bella opted for a daring revealing sheer dress which left little hidden. She was her playful self and teased the cameras quite a lot.

Her outfit featured a pair of ankle-strapped high heels to elongate her toned legs even more. The end results are quite obvious.

Katheryn Winnick on the other hand decided to be on the elegant side. She was wearing a stylish black dress with a sheer top and elegant ankle-strapped high heels.

Next up is Emmy Rossum. She mixed things up a bit. Her top was quite daring and showing quite a lot. Her skirt on the other hand was quite stylish, as were her high heels.

Amy Adams also impressed with a very classy and elegant outfit. She opted for a stylish long white dress. It was so long it kept her high heels hidden, sadly. But with her overall beauty, Amy compensated for that quite well.

Hailee Steinfeld also was at the event. She opted for an interesting long black dress with a lot of flowers on it. The dress was sheer, but the flowers didn’t allow for much to be revealed. Hailee rocked elegant ankle-strapped high heels with transparent slingbacks for more comfort.

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