The best celebrities in high heels at the 60th Grammy Awards

The 60th Grammy Awards once again were quite the event. They provided us with tons of stunning celebrities in impressive outfits and high heels. And now, finally, it’s time to check them out.

Yes, yes, we know we are a bit late. But better late than never, right? The 60th Grammy Awards certainly had a lot to show us.

As a result, we’re starting our journey with a bang. Hailee Steinfeld who impressed in an elegant long white dress and stunning purple¬†over-the-knee¬†boots.

As any awards show, the Grammys offered quite the plethora of fashion styles. From long dresses to daring outfits, to PVC trenchoats like Rihanna and many more. The variety was huge and it was definitely a night to behold for any fashion fan.

Would these outfits actually work in the real world? Perhaps, in the right setting. We could see most of them in clubs or private parties for sure. And, as always, you can take inspiration. For example, Hailee’s dress would looks stunning with classic heels. And with the same purple boots if you want to really grab the attention. But now, let’s go back to

The best and stunning celebrities in high heels at the 60th Grammy Awards

There were some surprises. Miley Cyrus was more elegant than ever and didn’t wear any crazy stuff. Katie Holmes looked incredible in an elegant leather dress and more. Check them out in the gallery below.

That’s quite the selection of stunning celebrities in high heels, isn’t it? We see a few great ideas.

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