The best celebrities in high heels for February 2016

February 2016 was a pretty active month for celebs. There were several big award ceremonies along the Oscars. Here are the best celebrities in high heels.

We’ve already covered the Oscars, the BAFTA’s and other awards. So, as usual, we will try to steer clear of these awards for the best celebs in high heels for the month chart. Instead, we will focus mostly on other events and celebrities out and about.

There were quite a few cool outfits and high heel choices. So we once again have a sizeable collection for you. We love that the variety of high heels seems to be getting bigger and bigger. Last year ankle-strapped high heels were all the rage among celebrities. But now it seems more and more ladies are going for different styles.

This is great as it makes for some even better outfits and overall looks. Here are just some of the best for February 2016. At lest from those that we managed to see and like the most.

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