The best Halloween celebrity in high heels – Francesca Eastwood

Halloween is here and the themed parties are all the rage all week. Many celebrities went for provocative costumes, but Francesca Eastwood is our favorite.

Clint Eatwood’s daugther went to several Hollywood Halloween parties this week and even two for one night recently. Francesca wowed the rest of the party goers with her costume.

As you can probably guess, she is Alice from Lewis Carroll’s classic Alice in Wonderland. Although we are pretty sure Carroll didn’t envision Alice quite like that.

Francesca had put her own personal touch to the outfit making it that little bit extra daring and provocative for huge results. To add an extra punch, she opted for sky high black leather booties with killer heels.

It is definitely an interesting approach to a classic, but also a good one. Most celebrities had opted either for outfits that were way too out there, leaving little to the imagination and were looking like Playboy starlets. Other celebs instead went for casual looks, some even with no costumes at all.

This is why we chose Francesca as our best Halloween celebrity in high heels. She managed to get a good costume and then personalize it to her liking. The results were obvious and pretty good as you can see.

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