The best high heels for the office

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The best high heels for the office
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High heels in the office have been a touchy topic for a while. Some offices mandate the wearing of specific footwear and ladies don’t like that.

We are in the camp that people should be able to wear whatever they like, as long as it’s appropriate to the given situation. For example, it won’t be a good look to rock up to a CEO-level meeting in pajamas.

But it should be totally fine to go in a comfortable, office-style outfit, with matching shoes. Be it high heels or elegant flats, that’s should be up to you.

Sadly, wearing high heels in the office has always been a bit of a controversial topic. Sometimes it’s because the company requires the women employees to wear heels even if they don’t want to. Other times it’s exactly the opposite – women who do want to rock heels, find themselves scorned by colleagues for “showing off” or something worse.

So, what to do if you’re a fan of high heels and want to wear them in the office, but also want to avoid “comments”? Or maybe you just want to rock heels and be comfortable in them all day.

Well, let’s check out some of the best types of high heels for the office

First, a few things to keep in mind. It should be a heel height which you are comfortable walking in and used to. It’s also OK to vary the heel height throughout the week. This way you keep your ankles, feet and muscles in general in better shape. Otherwise they will conform to the one style making every other one uncomfortable for you.

Next, the fabrics. Make sure they are natural and comfy. Avoid rough plastics, transparent straps and so on. These can wreak havoc on your feet when you wear them for long periods of time. Instead opt for leather, suede and other comfy fabrics. Also, look for additional, supporting soles, especially for the toes.

Generally, you would want to choose a discrete style. One that looks ideal with any outfit, but doesn’t draw too much attention. Mules and kitten heels are ideal for that.

If your office is more used to heels, then pumps and slingback heels area also a great choice. Look for low to medium heel and stick to the classics. Avoid shiny designs, platforms, very high stilettos and so on.

You can allow yourself patent stilettos or leather boots where appropriate for the occasion. If you are feeling braver or won’t have any issues, you can also go for heeled knee boots.

Avoid shoes with bows, dangling things from them or long laces which sway in the air as you walk. These are fine for street style shoes and parties, but won’t look good in the office.

Unless you work at a very posh office, also avoid snakeskin-printed-or-similar shoes, too. Keep to discrete classics, instead.

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