The best looking celebrities at the 2016 Golden Globe Awards

The 73rd annual Golden Globe Awards saw the attendance of dozens upon dozens of celebrities in amazing gowns and high heels. Actually, there were so many of them, it took quite some time just to pick our favorites.

We looked at both the red carpet portion of the 2016 Golden Globe Awards and the after-party which was held in partnership with InStyle. What’s interesting to note is the almost complete dominance of floor-length evening gowns that were chosen by the celebrities attending both events.

We’ve noted before that we have noticed long gowns becoming a main choice of most celebrities for official events. Now this is pretty much official, as you could see all kinds of long evening dresses during the Golden Globe awards. In the years before, most celebrities were choosing shorter dresses, but not this time.

Furthermore, most celebs were rocking fully closed gowns that were keeping everything under wraps, including their high heels. It’s a trend that will have us a bit challenged, but even the longest gowns and dresses do reveal the celebrity’s footwear from time to time.

This is why this time our selection of the best celebrities at an event focuses on the overall appearance and outfits while the high heels take a secondary importance. And since there were quite a lot of celebs, we are going to shut up and let the pictures do the talking. Enjoy.

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