The boots trends for Fall 2019

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The boots trends for Fall 2019
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Ah, boots. They hold a special place in the hearts of many. It’s difficult to say why, but boots have a magical presence. And Fall is the time for them.

What started as footwear for heavy-duty work, now is a top fashion item. Autumn is usually the best time for boots as it’s cool enough to wear them all day and dry enough to be able to rock heeled and glamorous boots with ease.

So, what fashion trends should we expect for boots in the Fall of 2019? Well, let’s check out what the fashion world has in store for boots.

It seems that in Fall 2019 the top boot trend will be knee high boots. They were somewhat left behind over the past few years. The past a couple of years put a lot more focus on ankle boots, calf boots and booties in general. Before that over-the-knee boots and thigh high boots were the top trend.

Now it’s time for the classic knee high boots to come back. While our personal favorite will always be the thigh high boots, knee highs are an all-time classic.

This year you will be able to rock knee high boots with a variety of styles and outfit. These boots are now the top trend as long as they are well fitted. Slouch boots seem NOT to be in style for now.

As for colors, material and patterns, things are a bit restrained. Most knee high boots will stick to the classic darker, more pastel colors. Leather and suede continue to be the two top fabrics.

Most boots for Fall 2019 are with a simple, clean style. They have no patterns or anything of sorts. With that said, various animal prints are allowed and in style, too.

As for the heels, well, most boots will focus on chunky, low heels. They are ideal for long walking and will keep you comfortable all day. Also, wooden heels and higher block heels will continue to be in style.

Of course, no one will have any issue with a pair of classic knee high boots with a thin, stiletto heel. They are a classic and will continue to work great with any style.

Another thing you will notice on Fall 2019 boots is the toe box. This year pointed toes are the main style for boots. Some are very pointy while other have a slight rounding, but you will have a hard time finding truly rounded toe boots this year.

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