The dictionary of high heels

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The dictionary of high heels
Image credit: Christian Louboutin

High heels come with their own special terminology. There are some words you should know that will make it easier to describe and find the heels you need.

This is a basic Dictionary of high heels that features descriptions of the main parts of these types of shoes. These are the basics you should know.

Toe box – this is the very front of the shoe where the toes rest. It can be with a pointy end, a round end or an open toe, aka peep-toe.

Vamp – this is the front part of the shoe that covers the foot. It can be leather, suede, mesh, straps and so on.

Heel – it’s kinda obious and the reason why we all love high heels. There are quite a lot of types of high heels.

Top piece – aka heel tips. The changeable tips of the heels that make contact with the ground as you walk.

Sole – the bottom side of the shoe that makes contact with the ground. The sole goes all the way to the heel.

Insole – also known as footbed – the place where you rest your foot in the shoe.

Upper – the entire top part of the shoe that rests on the sole and heel.

Throat – the opening of the shoe.

Topline – the edge along the thorat of the shoe.

Lining – the material used for the inside part of the shoe, including the insole and she inside sides of the upper.

Platform – the thick soles at the toes that lift your feet higher from the ground.

Shaft – the part of the boot that goes up along your leg. It can be lace up, with a zipper or a sock type. It can also be a combination of two of them or even all three – for example a front lace up boots with a zipper that goes up only to a part of the side of the shaft.

This is the Dictionary of high heels you need to know. It will make it easier to describe the shoes you want and to understand sellers when they present you with a new pair of heels.

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