The elegant and attractive celebrities in high heels at the 23rd Critics’ Choice Awards

The 23rd Annual Critics’ Choice Awards gathered quite a lot of celebrities in Santa Monica. This time the outfits were quite colorful and mostly elegant. Of course, high heels were also a vital component of those attractive outfits.

The Critics’ Choice Awards are yet another stop in the Hollywood seasons of award shows. This time celebrities opted for quite a wider array of styles than before.

As a result, there were some proper head-turners of outfits. There were also a few which were hit or miss depending on your personal taste.

In the end though one thing was certain. There were plenty of fashion styles to get inspired from. And lots of stunning looking celebrities in high heels and great outfits. As you’re about to see for yourself in our humble gallery of

The elegant celebrities in high heels at the 23rd Annual Critics’ Choice Awards

Quite the selection, isn’t it? And to think the season of awards is just getting started. This means only one thing. There’s going to be a lot more stunning outfits and celebs in high heels coming our way.

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