The eye-catching celebrities in high heels at the MTV European Music Awards 2015

The eye-catching celebrities in high heels at the MTV European Music Awards 2015Better late than never, we have finally come around to check out the best and most eye-catching celebrities in high heels at the MTV European Music Awards 2015 which were held in Milan.

The event was not attended by your usual list of celebrities which was actually a good thing. It allowed other celebs to shine more as it is easy to get distracted when you’ve got all of the top names at the same place at the same time. The celebs used this opportunity well and made quite a few great impressions.

We have chosen the most eye-catching celebrities in high heels that we liked the most. So enjoy and let us know what you think! Who looked the best? Who needs to work more on their fashion choices?

We begin with Shay Mitchell. She was looking very impressive in a long white dress that, albeit long, was leaving little to the imagination thanks to generous cleavages. To complete her outfit, Shay had chosen a pair of classic styled ankle-strapped high heels in silver.

Next up is Hailey Baldwin. She had opted for a short black and green dress that featured quite a lot of cut outs at the top. Completing her outfit was a pair of strappy high heels with a medium platform.

Mod boots and high heels from the 60s are supposed to be a big trend right now. They haven’t actually caught that much ground, but you can see ladies wear them from time to time. Charli XCX is amongst them as she had a pair of leopard print strappy platform high heels with a classic 60s chunky heel. The rest of her outfit featured a silver leather-ish dress.

Ellie Goulding had arguably the most impressive high heels during the event. They were ankle strapped with butterfly wings from sparkling jewels at the back. The heels were trying to draw attention away from Ellie’s impressive, revealing black gown.

Tori Kelly also had put on some more effort in choosing high heels that are not seen that often. They were with a thick strap covering most of her ankle and a very thin strap at her toes. She had on a little black dress, too.

Finally we have the girls from Fifth Harmony. They were in black leather and lace outfits paired with various styles of high heels. Take your pick.

Those our favorite celebrities in high heels from the 2015 MTV European Music Awards. Who did you like the most? Let us know!

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