The Fall 2018 high heel trend is booties and more booties

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The Fall 2018 high heel trend is booties and more bootiesThe Fall season is underway in the Nothern Hemisphere and this means it’s time for different clothes and shoes. And what’s the high heel trend this year?

Booties, lots of booties. Now you may say “wait a minute, booties are always popular!”

And you are right. This year they are even more popular. It’s only been a couple of weeks of autumn and a lot of women already are rocking their booties with various styles.

This year booties seem to be everywhere. They are coming in all shapes and sizes, but one style seems to be prevalent.

The classic style with thick soles and thick medium-to-very-high heels. It’s no surprise why this style is preferred. It’s the most comfortable and it looks great with variety of outfits. It’s also suitable for the colder weather and rainy days.

In fact, this year we even have some new high heel fans, despite all the hate towards heels over the past year or so. We also have a relatively young lady who recently bought her first platform booties with chunky heels. Very rock-and-roll-like and she does rock them quite a lot.

Naturally the fashion brands are trying to draw your attention to even more booties. They have combat boots, patterned boots, bright colors and many more. But we don’t see these styles prevailing.

Instead, ladies are focusing on the simple classics. Darker colors, clean styles, high, but also comfortable heels with small or medium platforms. Simple is better – that’s the trend this year and booties are taking full advantage of that.

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