The five best celebrities in high heels for the week

What just happened? Well, this week we have not one, but five best celebrities in high heels for you. More and more celebs are hitting their fashion strides.

Since the weather is getting warmer, more celebrities are starting to show off their latest outfits and to experiment with new heels. Others simply are continuing to improve their fashion game more and more.

This week we couldn’t just pick one best celebrity in high heels. We couldn’t even pick two. So, instead we chose the top five. But if this trend continues, we will have to get more strict with our choices. For now though, enjoy the five best celebrities in high heels for the past week.

The first one is Christina Aguilera. She attended the Voice Karaoke For Charity and looked great. She rocked a fitted long skirt, sports top and a pair of challenging sky high heels with lace pattern.

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Aguilera also rocked a red cap, reminiscent of her vintage pin-up theme a few years ago.

Next up is Mariah Carey. She was spotted in Paris, rocking a casual, but powerful, full black outfit. It featured leggings, black top and a leather jacket.

Completing her outfit was a pair of suede thigh high boots on heels. Mariah rocked her hair loose and had aviator sunglasses on, too.

Next, we have Jennifer Lopez. Spotting a musical trend here? Lopez wowed at the Q&A for the movie Shades of Blue. She had opted for a sexy, but elegant, lightly pink dress, matching leather gloves, a matching purse and, of course, matching high heels.

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The heels were even more impressive as they featured a quite high golden colored platform. A very stylish outfit from Jennifer.

Best celebrities in high heels four and five are actually together. They are Bailee Madison and Hailee Steinfeld. They were both at harper x Harper’s BAZAAR May Issue Event in West Hollywood and looked stunning.

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Ever the fan of sky high heels, Hailee rocked a pair of white platform heels with tick straps and very thin heels. She also opted for a sheer combo of pants and a top, completed with a wide white belt. Hailee once again had gone for an interesting hairstyle and her signature accented eyes.

Bailee on the other hand had opted for a classic outfit with a sexy touch. She rocked a white top, a very stylish long straight leather skirt and a pair of ankle strapped high heels. They were thin with no platform. She also had a cool hairstyle and minimal makeup. Five celebs in superb high heels and outfits! Stay tuned for more!

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