The five types of high heels men will like on you

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The five types of high heels men will like on youAs we all know men love women in high heels. It has been scientifically proven thath heels have an effect on men. Most women know that from ages and didn’t need scientists to tell them. But most women think all kinds of high heels will have the same effect on a man. That is not the case.

Even though every man will give you more attention if you are wearing high heels, men are still men. They don’t really do fashion and they tend to like the simple things. So while all high heels are equal, some are a lot more equal than other in the eyes of men.

Here are the five types of high heels men will like the most on you

Classic pumps

Yes, nothing beats the classic high heel pumps. Black and shiny they look good on any outfit and will make you both stylish and sexy. They will show that you’re at the same time elegant and feminine, but also knowing how to look good without going overboard. Plus they are the type of high heels that are most commonly worn so men are used to them.


Ah, boots. At the same time the ultimate seduction footwear but also the most practical and warm when the weather goes iffy. The same goes as with pumps. Men would love you in a pair of crips black knee high boots on stiletto heels. Pair them with a loose skirt if you want to tone down the look or with a tight skirt if you want to turn the volume to 11.

Of course, there are countless other types of boots. Most of them can work with the right outfit or at the right setting. The boots that would almost never work though are ones with chunky or too low heels.

Platforms with thin heels

If you are feeling especially… playful a pair of platforms with thin heels (maybe even ankle straps too) will gather a very special type of attention towards you. Unless you hide most ot the shoes under a pair of pants or a long skirt and leaving more to the imagination.

While these heels are not for the office, they are for clubs and other situations that most men would appreciate the extra effort from you.

4 to 6 inches

Even if you may be lured by the idea that the higher the heel, the better, that is not always the case. Most men prefer women in heels of normal height. So a pair of 4-inch thin heels can do the job just fine. No need to go for Lady-Gaga-heights of above 6-inchers. Unless of course, that is what you like.

Cleaned up

The vast majority of men do not like crazy high heels. Chunky heels, coma heels, cones… we have a name for all types of heels. Most men not only don’t know them, they don’t really like them unless they have a thing for high heels or are feeling especially playful. In most cases though, there is no need to go overboard with heels in millions of straps, glitter, studs and etc. Keep it simple.

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